Sunday, June 19, 2016


Eight years ago Amsterdam turkey hunters Mike and Michele Aurimma and Dick Andrews held their first free spring youth turkey hunting day contest followed by a barbeque. Fortunately after entering one of these events with a friend son I immediately realized that it was much more than a contest. What I saw were young hunters with proud fathers and adult helpers enjoying the comradery of the sport. Those who shot turkeys on this day received prizes but Mike, Michele and Dick saw to it that kid received something. And as for the food, no one goes home hungry.

This year this event attracted 42 young hunters; 14 of which harvested a turkey. Here is the list with their names, age, the adult mentor and weight of the bird.

Jaden Olmo(14) (Nick Santiago) 22lbs, 9oz; Adam Oertel (14)(Gary Oertel) 22lbs, 3oz; William Bell (13) (Dave Paro) 22lbs, 0 oz: James Mosher (15) (Paul Kowalczyk) 21lb, 3oz: Chase Thompson (15)(Charles Parrino) 20lbs, 9oz:Nick Wolfe (15) (Brian Wolfe) 19lbs, 2oz; Ryan Corcuera (15) (John Fletcher) 18lbs, 12oz: Colby Fisher (13) 16llbs, 11oz: Lillian Laugen (15)(Rob Marotta) 16lbs 4oz: Vinny Sala (14) (John Loucks and Mike Auriemma) 15lbs 5oz: Colton Maranville (15) (Mark Maranville) 14lbs 14oz: Riley Morris (15) (Ricky Morris) 14lbs, 0oz; Josh Hazelton (14) 13lbs, 11oz; Katelynn Gaida (14)(Jason Gaida) 12lbs 15oz. If you would like to see these successful young turkey hunters go to:


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