Wednesday, July 8, 2015


I always enjoy getting stories about kids in the outdoors, especially when it comes to fishing. This week’s young angler story took place in a creek in Schuylerville behind Mikey (8) and Brooke (10) Schwerd’s grandparents’ home. Mikey was fishing under a small bridge when he thought he had a bite and lost both his bait and hook. He ran back to the house and grandpa tied on a hook with a bubblegum colored wacky worm and Mikey returned to the bridge. It was too long before grandpa heard “I got a big one” and saw Mikey grab the line, tossed the pole on the ground and started hand-lining the fish in. His sister ran down to help and she grabbed the rod and started taking up the slack. The fish was a largemouth bass that weighed in at 3 pounds plus. Mikey made me promise not to disclose where is honey hole was – a true fisherman. 

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